On the Passing of Michael Dowd Oct. 7, 2023


Why now? Had he achieved all his purpose was for this lifetime? There is no argument that he was a titan of collapse awareness and acceptance, while also pursuing the love-in-action and grief that knowledge entailed. His body of works will live on for others to learn from, but still, why now?

Michael passing should remind us all that we have to experience life to grow. That he did. As he stated in these predicament-laden times compassion is a requirement for us to practice towards each other, towards all sentient and non-human beings and life, and that love-in-action should be our working guide.

Michael was a pillar of focus about reality. His words and the words of his friends about our global predicament must now be dispersed world-wide by others, by us. Michael knew about fragility and the possibility of death and greeted those possibilities with a sacredness we all have to learn if we do not already know it firsthand.

Even within the collapse awareness/acceptance community, the power of Michael’s message was growing, but now it is our responsibility – each one of us – to accelerate that broadcast to achieve a critical mass of predicament consciousness, not that it will “save” us or much of life on this planet, but because that is what evolution wants humanity to learn and is what must be done.

The love of family, the ability to love daily, be compassionate daily, and become the eye of the coming storm is Michael’s legacy: Michael’s individual strength was monumental, but as a community growing in this consciousness we have the opportunity now to exponentially help a higher consciousness unveil as we ourselves become awakened to its draw upon us.