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Weekly women’s circle to blossom together in collapse awareness and acceptance

Mondays: 4:00pm PDT  /  7:00pm EDT / 11pm UTC
Thursdays: 10:00am PDT  /  1:00pm EDT  /  5pm UTC

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Highly recommended VIDEO: “Karen Perry: 15 BENEFITS of Collapse Acceptance

Summer 2022 Zoom Series

Post Doom, No Gloom Views on DEATH, DYING, SACRED ENDINGS

Led by Michael Dowd, Deirdre Jenkins de l’Aigle, and Connie Barlow 

Two-hour zoom sessions (times below / no cost)
July 6, 16, 27  –  Aug 6, 17, 27  –  Sept 7, 17  

Passcode: 276442  /  Meeting ID: 512 117 6830
RECORDINGS of presentations, main room conversations, and chats: HERE
Wednesday, JULY 6th — 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm UTC — (Video, Audio, Chat Recordings #1)
• Opening the Conversation: Creating a sacred space for deepening perspectives and orientations in this time of the Great Dying. — Michael Dowd, Deirdre de l’Aigle, and Connie Barlow
QUESTIONS EXPLORED: (1) What brings you to this conversation about death? (2) Is the death of expectations, hopes, legacy, dreams, or anything else something you or loved ones now face? (3) Have you experienced deaths of others in ways that can serve as models of good (or bad) choices?
Saturday, JULY 16th — 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC — (Video, Audio, Chat Recordings #2)
• Befriending Death: Exploring the responses we are already carrying to death through facilitated conversations. — Deirdre Jenkins de l’Aigle
QUESTIONS EXPLORED: An extended set of questions from 5 Domains of Life: Physical, Emotional, Mental/Life Legacy Review, Spiritual and Practical  (1) Where would you like to be during the last months, weeks, days of your life? (2) Who would you like with you when you die? (3) In what ways do you imagine “you” carrying forward?
Wednesday, JULY 27th — 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm UTC — (Video, Audio, Chat Recordings #3)
• Death Through Deep-Time Eyes: Exploring big picture (ecocentric) views of the vital role of death at all scales of the cosmos. — Michael Dowd
QUESTIONS EXPLORED: (1) How might contemplating the essential role of death in the universe shift how you think and feel about impermanence and endings? (2) Might this perspective enhance your lived experience within the more-than-human world? (3) … and within these collapsing times?
Saturday, AUGUST 6th — 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC — (Video, Audio, Chat Recordings #4)
• Becoming Ancestor / Expanding Identity:  — Connie Barlow
QUESTIONS EXPLORED (1) How could your presence, your example, your actions during your life carry forward in good ways? (2) How might choices you make in dying serve, instruct, even inspire those who remain? (3) Might an identity shift or merger into the ongoing stream of life help us be at peace with the possibility of near-term human extinction (and the certainty of such extinction on the geological scale of time)?
Wednesday, AUGUST 17th — 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm UTC
• Holding the World In Our Arms: Caring for and saying goodbye to Earth and beloved Earthlings. — Deirdre Jenkins de l’Aigle
QUESTIONS EXPLORED: (1) What will I miss most about Earth and Earthlings after I have died? (2) Writing our “Love Letter to Earth” (3) Creating beauty in places that are wounded
Saturday, AUGUST 27th — 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC
• Practicing for Death: Exploring what your beautiful death might look like. — Deirdre Jenkins de l’Aigle
TOPICS EXPLORED: (1) “On my death bed” meditation  (2) Meeting ancestors / significant others (real or imagined, human and more-than-human) (3) Considering what matters most in completion and how to bring that into beauty during — and before — the dying time.
Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 7th — 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm UTC
• Advanced Directives: What Advanced Directives can do for you and those you love. — Deirdre Jenkins de l’Aigle
QUESTIONS EXPLORED: (1) Do you know what you want for end of life? (2) How to get that on paper. (3) Having important conversations with loved ones.
Saturday, SEPTEMBER 17th — 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC
• Honorable Exit Strategies: Contemplating timing, methods, and communications should a natural death not be at hand. — Michael Dowd, Connie Barlow, and Deirdre Jenkins de l’Aigle
QUESTIONS EXPLORED: (1) What resources already exist to support a person in educating themselves about choices? (2) Timing considerations: What internal or external conditions might signal that the time is at hand? (3) What good and bad stories do we have for guidance?


Michael Dowd’s Main Programs: SLIDES in several formats — Click HERE

Videos for Coping, Adapting, Sharing with Others


These four videos offer tools and perspectives vital for staying sane, grateful, and on-purpose in contracting, crazy-making times. They are especially recommended for those who regularly or periodically participate in our weekly “Post Doom, No Gloom” or “Post Doom Bloom” community support Zoom calls.

The Big Picture: What Every Young Person (and Grandparent) Should Know

The first collapse-related post-doom “religious naturalism” presentation that Rev. Dowd has presented in an actual building (not Zoom) in more than two years, this 30-minute sermon (UU Flint) is precisely the kind of supportive message he is especially passionate about these days. A 20-minute Q&A (“talkback”) session after the sermon is on the church video, here: 1:04:40: https://youtu.be/GOpI6lJ3P-A?t=3883 

New Serenity Prayer: Emotional Support for Climate Anxiety and Environmental Dread

This 25-minute video was created to help people experience as little suffering as possible, now and in the near-term future, by providing a clear and compelling guide for “accepting what we cannot change, changing the things we can, and having the wisdom to know the difference.”

Beyond Hope and Fear: Clarity, Compassion, Courageous Love-in-Action

This 23-minute Zoom presentation offers an essential “big picture” perspective that can help us move (A) from confusion to clarity, (B) from blame to compassion, and (C) from fear, overwhelm, or despair to meaningful and courageous love-in-action.

Post Gloom: Deeply Adapting to Reality

This is a 70-minute “hope-free” roadmap for staying sane, sober, and inspired in the face of the inevitable (and already underway) collapse of industrial civilization and the hardships already experienced in most parts of the world. This video explores how to “live life fully and love the life you live” even at TEOTWAWKI — i.e., within the context of the collapse of industrial civilization, abrupt climate change, resource depletion, coronavirus pandemic, and other symptoms of ecological overshoot.

Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

Rev. Michael Dowd is a bestselling religious naturalist eco-theologian and TEDx speaker whose work has been celebrated by 6 Nobel laureates and other science luminaries, including noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum. Michael and his science writer, evolutionary educator, and fellow climate activist wife, Connie Barlow, have addressed nearly 3,000 secular and religious groups throughout North America over the past two decades. (Connie is a leading advocate of Assisted Migration of trees poleward in an abrupt climate regime.) Their work has been  featured in major media throughout the U.S. and Canada, including The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Discover, and Canadian Broadcast Network. They live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

Deirdre Jenkins de l’Aigle

Death Doula & Threshold Guide  –  Conscious Dying Coach  –  Ceremonialist
Certified through the Conscious Dying Institute of Boulder, Colorado

Sitting at the threshold with another as they navigate mysterious realms and transformation through serious illness, major life transitions, and death are among my earliest experiences. Beginning at age 3, I remember sitting with my mother who was terribly ill with the Vietnamese Flu, my father on active duty in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Then, being completely paralyzed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome at age 14, on a respirator and hospitalized for months, recovering for years… my sensitivity to the care and presence needed for this work began to form. By age 17, I was working the night shift in a home for elderly folk, holding the hands of those at the end of their lives. From there, the work of this calling weaved in and out of my life, taking on more layers and depth.

It was during my position as a Nurse’s Assistant in Cardiac ICU at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee that a significant shift took place: although the work was meaningful, it was also impossible, painful and exhausting. While nurses will always be among the hardest working and most compassionate people I know, institutions themselves are capable of imposing inhumane restrictions and requirements that can rob us of dignity in the effort to offer us their services. I witnessed countless patients and family members struggle through ambiguous and complex end of life circumstances: attempting to understand and make sense of what one could ask for, should want or not want…. often with unnecessary, sad endings.

When I noticed that I was literally running for the door at the end of my shifts, it was time to leave that position. In my heart, I knew I would never be able to do that work again. But, I sure did want to help people know what to expect and how to navigate such an experience if they ever found themselves there.

Years later, I had the privilege of caring for my mother as she died at home, in her bed. A death that was healing and beautiful for all who were there with her. Carrying the beauty of that experience to others fuels this work today. Though none of us, myself included, are permitted to know exactly what our death will be… I am certain that when we become courageous in our conversations and thinking, befriending death, and making choices that support us and those we love – our chances for beauty, healing and a true feeling of “life completion” are greatly increased for the end of our lives.




1.  A normal feeling of disgust or dread upon realizing that technological progress and economic growth and development are the root of our predicament,  not our way out.

2.  A name for the anxiety and fear called forth when living in a corrupt, dysfunctional civilization causing a mass extinction.

3.  The mid-point between denial and regeneration . . .  with or without us. 





1.  What opens up when we remember who we are and how we got here, accept the inevitable, honor our grief, and prioritize what is  pro-future and soul-nourishing.

2.  A fierce and fearless reverence for life and expansive gratitude — even in the midst of abrupt climate mayhem and the runaway collapse of societal harmony, the health of the biosphere, and business as usual.

3.  Living meaningfully,  compassionately, and courageously no matter what.

A post-doom mindset is a hard-earned and often fluctuating state of being. Classic stages of grief mark a well-worn path. However, mere acceptance of what is unavoidable need not be the endpoint.

What shifts in perception, understanding, relating, and identity become possible when we walk through a post-doom doorway? How do priorities, life-ways, and outer-world involvements shift and clarify on the other side? And how can such changes call forth genuine equanimity, even joy?

What opens up when we share our personal journeys along this trajectory and especially gifts to be found on the other side of “doom”? What stories, perspectives, and tools assist us in going beyond emotional detachment, stoic resolve, and spiritual transcendence?

Those with a post-doom mind and heart haven’t given up; they’ve stood up. Empathy follows naturally in the wake of realizing what is underway and unstoppable.