Flash drives


This  flash drive features over 275 hours of audio material narrated by Michael Dowd and by authors such as William R. Catton, Jr, Catherine Ingram, William Ophuls, Jem Bendell, Dahr Jamail, Barbara Cecil, Emily Johnston, John Michael Greer, Richard Heinberg, Paul Kingsnorth, Edward Goldsmith, Paul Chefurka, Richard Heinberg, Thomas Berry, and Richard Adrian Reese (See HERE for full list.)

NOTE: This flash-drive is made available mostly as a convenience. Virtually all these audio files are also freely available on Soundcloud, HERE.

  • 32GB USB flash drive
  • 100+ Audio Files in mp3 Format
  • 275 Hours of Audio
  • 22 Books and 80 Essays narrated by Michael Dowd



This flash drive features over 40 hours of presentations and video material by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow.

NOTE: This flash-drive is made available mostly as a convenience. These videos are also freely available via the TheGreatStory, ReverendReality, and GhostsofEvolution Youtube channels (See hot-linked titles below.)

  • 32GB USB flash drive
  • 60 Video Files in mp4 Format
  • 40 Hours of Audio
  • Lectures and presentations by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow




STANDING FOR THE FUTURE (series) – Dowd • 3 videos

SERMONS Rev. Dowd – 13 videos

RELIGIOUS NATURALISM – Barlow & Dowd • 8 videos

GOD IN BIG HISTORY (series) – Dowd • 5 videos

EVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE – Barlow & Dowd • 6 videos

CLIMATE AND ECOLOGY – Barlow • 6 videos