Regenerative conversations exploring overshoot grief, grounding, and gratitude.



1. The mid-point between denial and regeneration . . . with or without us.

2. A feeling common to those who realize that technological progress and economic growth and development are the problem, not a solution.



1. What opens up when we remember who we are, accept what is inevitable, honor our grief, and invest in what is pro-future and soul-nourishing.
2. Living meaningfully in the face of abrupt climate change and ecological and societal contraction.


A post-doom mindset is a hard-earned and often fluctuating state of being. Classic stages of grief mark a well-worn path. However, mere acceptance of what is unavoidable need not be the endpoint. Michael Dowd (with occasional co-hosts) invites guests to share their personal journeys along this trajectory and especially the gifts they have found on the other side. Participants share personal stories, perspectives, and tools that go beyond emotional detachment, stoic resolve, and spiritual transcendence. For example…

What shifts in perception, understanding, relating, and identity become possible when we walk through a post-doom doorway? How do priorities, lifeways, and outer-world involvements shift and clarify on the other side? And how can such changes call forth genuine equanimity, even joy?