Post-doom Thinking and Living 101

These two videos are a “crash course” in post-doom and deeply adaptive thinking and living. They contain a distillation of humanity’s best and most up-to-date collective intelligence regarding Earth system science, ecology, abrupt climate change, environmental history, and collapsology — notably, the key differences between genuinely sustainable (pro-future) cultures and self-destructive & ecocidal (anti-future) civilizations. Special attention is given to how we can support each other in staying sane, sober, and inspired in chaotic and challenging times. Given the visually rich and multi-disciplinary nature of the information packed into these two programs, watching without multi-tasking (rather than skimming or merely listening) is advised.

Finding Meaning in the Dark: Sobering Inspiration for Hard Times
• Where are we?  • What lies ahead?  • How then shall we live?
1. The Big Picture — Understanding our predicament and our trajectory
2. What’s inevitable? futile? — Accepting reality, and avoiding frustration
3. Post-doom inspiration — Remember who you are and what matters most
4. What can we do? — Engaging in prophetic and redemptive Great Work 

Embracing Our Predicament: Trading Confusion for Clarity
• How did we get here?  • Why was it unavoidable?  • What now?
1. First Things First — Our name for primary reality is a life or death issue
2. Sustainable = Faithful — The evo-eco purpose of religion and of science
3. Progressing toward Ecocide?! – History’s verdict: human-centeredness
4. Problems vs. Predicaments — 5 stages of awareness / ‘post-doom’ living

Let’s Talk Collapse

A most helpful (and beautifully designed) single-page guide geared towards newcomers and those unfamiliar with collapse-awareness. It is a collection of the most relevant researchers, lectures, books, podcasts, and other resources as determined through an ongoing, collaborative sampling of the collapse community (r/collapse). It also serves as the wiki for the collapse subreddit community and others who are collapse literate.


Reality 101 – Video series (also easily accessible HERE) by Nate Hagens and The Institute for the Study of Energy and Our Future (4.5 hours) the fundamentals of the human predicament.



Impermanence & Death Resources

A Scientific Understanding of Impermanence and Death as Sacred – Inspiring, evidence-based video, audio, and text resources and rituals related to impermanence, mortality, and death, created by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow.


Michael Dowd’s 2014 TEDx Talk:

“Reality Reconciles Science & Religion”

Michael Dowd’s 2012 TEDx Talk: 

“Why We Struggle and Suffer”