“Having listened to a great deal of Michael Dowd’s work, I can say first hand that his huge collection of interviews, books, and articles read out loud, as well as his own created videos, are the most valuable resources in this area I know of.” Michael Shaw

“Michael’s audio narrations provided me with an additional means of learning about the wider field of collapse.”  – Jem Bendell

Find here Michael Dowd’s audio work linked to the Post-doom Soundcloud channel. With author permission, he used his wonderful voice to record many books and articles he found to be supportive of adopting a Post-doom mindset. All content available for free.


*Noted PDFs available in COLLECTIONS

Post-doom CONVERSATIONS  (Audio)


Samuel Alexander

Erik Assadourian

Jem Bendell

Mark Brimblecombe

William R. Catton, Jr.

Barbara Cecil & Dahr Jamial

Bodhi Paul Chefurka

Collapsosaurus Rex

Craig Collins

Edward Goldsmith


John Michael Greer

John Halstead

Richard Heinberg

Nick Humphrey

Robert Hunziker

Catherine Ingram

Dahr Jamial

Emily Johnston

Paul Kingsnorth & Dougald Hine

Jeremy Lent

Erik Lindberg

Erik Michaels

Michael Mielke

Andre Sevenius Nilsen

Glubb Pasha

Dave Pollard

Post-doom Collection


William E. Rees

Richard Adrian Reese

Vicki Robin

Elisabeth Robson

Adam Sacks

Roy Scranton

Gail Tverberg

Tim Watkins

Max Wilbert

Britt Wray


Damaris Zehner