“Michael’s work has been a huge comfort and inspiration to me while I’ve been working through grief. When I discuss collapse with friends and family, I always recommend the Post-doom videos to help them. I’m still working on collapse acceptance and know I will have a better chance of getting there thanks to Michael’s vision and keen insights into the human spirit.” – Adrian Lambert


An in-depth program (six 20-min sections) outlining where we are, how we got here, what is inevitable, and what is still possible. Includes practical insights/tools for staying grounded and grateful in increasingly crazy-making times.

Love your collapse cuisine! A fine mixture of bitter-sweet grief, gratitude, kindness, gallows humor, and intellect.This is really healing, and that is very, very rare these days. Thank you so much!” ❤️ ~ Chris M.

Two shorter versions: 10 Inevitables: Appetizer (33 min) and 10 Inevitables: Mid-size meal (49 min)

A crash course in living with awe, gratitude, and generosity in the midst of chaos and breakdowns. Accepting four vital truths is key! Even those with no understanding of the runaway nature of biospheric and civilizational decline feel the stress of these times. So how do we cope? How can we stay (mostly) positive? And how can we support others who are confused, angry, depressed, or filled with fear, blame, or guilt? (30-minute Cliff Notes version  here.)

“Being the calm in the storm is timely for us, both individuals and faith communities, because with an ecological understanding of history, it becomes obvious we’re classically in the contraction period: political insanity, economic corruption, social stresses, resource depletion, and group polarization are symptomatic of every collapsing civilization in human history. We are right on schedule.” – Michael Dowd 

This presentation to the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) is an excellent Post-doom introduction and achievement Michael felt very good about.

“Don’t take anything for granted; celebrate it all! Live life fully, love the life you live, and be the biggest blessing to others for as long as you can. This is how to experience joy independent of the circumstances – even in the face of the end of the world as we know it and possible near term human extinction.”

– Michael Dowd The Big Picture: Beyond Hope and Fear

“Michael, I’ve just listened to the Q&A and want to recognize your extraordinarily compassionate honoring of all questioners, even those who misunderstood or denied your remarks. I learned a new level of compassion and grace in your responses. Thank you. 🙏❤️” – Meg Wheatley


Part One of Two on the nature, inevitability, and speed of biospheric and civilizational collapse (33 min)

The stability of the biosphere has been in decline for centuries and in unstoppable, out of control mode for decades. This Great Acceleration is evidenced easily with overwhelming scientific data. Evidence is also compelling that the vast majority of people will deny this, especially those still benefitting from the existing order, and those who fear that accepting reality means giving up.

Part Two of Two on the nature, inevitability, and speed of biospheric and civilizational collapse (31 min)

Historical and ecological evidence suggests there are four main drivers of collapse, ecocide, and likely Near-Term Human Extinction: Civilization itself, Science and Technology, Progress and Development, and Growth Economics. Anthropocentrism (human-centeredness) is the worldview context out of which these self-destructive and ecocidal drivers emerge. This vital understanding reveals most proposed “solutions” or “fixes” just exacerbate ecological overshoot, which is our real, intractable predicament (56 min)


A clear and compelling guide for accepting what we cannot change, changing the things we can, and having the wisdom to know the difference. Focus is on how to stay sane, sober, heartful, and on-purpose in these crazy-making times (25 min)

The perfect complement to New Serenity Prayer: Emotional Support for Climate Anxiety and Environmental Dread focused on Love-in-Action (23 min)

This hope beyond hope roadmap explores how to live life fully and love the life you live, even with facing TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it): the collapse of industrial civilization, abrupt climate change, resource depletion, coronavirus pandemic, and other symptoms of ecological overshoot (60 min)

Each of the four main drivers of collapse: Civilization, Science & Technology, Progress & Development, Growth Economics arise from and remain grounded in anthropocentrism (human-centeredness), which is itself caused by being G🌎D-blind and biosphere deaf (44 min)


The Big Picture: What every young person (and grandparent) should know

The first collapse-related religious naturalism sermon that “Rev. Reality” presented in a church since the Covid-19 pandemic began. It is a good Post Doom, No Gloom introduction. June 2022

Parenting and Grandparenting in Contracting Crazy Times

A deep dive revealing how contracting crazy times means “in the context of already underway and utterly out-of-our-control biospheric and civilizational collapse.” July 2022

True Sustainability: Clutivating a repentant, pro-future heart and mind

Key differences between truly sustainable cultures and today’s attempts to greenwash ecocidal industrial civilization. How indigenous life-ways inspire pro-future thinking. June 2021

Sustainability 101: Ecology as Theology

Pro-Future vs. Anti-Future religions and lifeways. Doom is the midpoint between Denial and Regeneration. Post-doom is what opens up when we remember who we are, accept what is inevitable, honor our grief, and invest in what is pro-future and soul-nourishing. November 2018

Post-doom Inspiration: Honoring grief, empowering action

Primary Focus: 1) Honoring the stages of grief in doom 2) A Post-doom mind and heart 3) Post-doom living opens us up to spheres of gratitude and fearlessness. December 2019

Confessions of a Recovering Progressive

Progress is the de facto religion of the industrial world. What happens when we progressives lose the faith? Honors John Michael Greer, Thomas Berry, William R. Catton, David Roberts, William Ophuls, Tom Wessels, Chris Hedges, Joanna Macy among others. September 2018

Additional Michael Dowd content available on The Great Story youtube channel.