“If you alone found out what the lie was, then you’re probably right—it would make no great difference. But if you ALL found out what the lie was, it might conceivably make a very great difference indeed.” – Ishmael

Here at the Crossroads, find collections of carefully selected content supportive of adopting a Post-doom mindset.

Michael Dowd had an uproarious giggle, and knew laughter is indeed the best medicine. Enjoy a dose and a breather here: GALLOWS HUMOR FOLDER


*Even though Michael no longer recommended his own book, we consider it worthy to include.

PDF DOCUMENTS and BOOKS (narrations available in AUDIO)

A Green History of the World – A Synopsis
Delusions and Contradictions
Evolution History Progress
The Busy Workers Handbook to the Apocalypse

The Fate of Empires
The Way – Synopsis


The official NEW (as of March ’24) Post-doom Youtube Channel for additional supportive content going forward. Playlists include Videos of the Month posted on our homepage. Please subscribe and help us spread the word. Think something should be on it? Let the Post-doom team know.

How are we to live in the time of collapse? In this period of crisis and catastrophe, our comfort is to be with other people who understand what we’re going through. Hosted by David Baum, the Collapse Club channel is a home for public conversations among people who are seeking an authentic understanding of the world and themselves, and who are aligning their lives with their understanding.

Environmental Coffeehouse, hosted by Sandy Schoelles, is a clearinghouse for all things under the environmental umbrella. There is a wide variety of information under that umbrella, from scientific data showing the demise of the human species to climate change deniers who feel that humans have no control over, or responsibility for the planetary ecosystem at all. We hope to be a valuable, diverse resource for our followers.

The Great Story is the Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow channel. The earliest playlists entail videos of their presentations (2005 – 2013) throughout the USA of their work on the epic of evolution as our modern-day great story. This phase of their work is also archived at thegreatstory website. In recent years, their videos entail climate activism and Post-doom conversations and educational support.

Dean Walker hosts this elegant blend of the sober data of our world through intimate conversations with collapse-aware thought leaders and creatives as they face our predicament-laden world. How much beauty and poetry will we unleash as we reconnect ourselves to the primary sources of meaning in human life? (Our Deeper Selves, Other Beings, and Earth herself.)


MOVIES and SHOWS in this section require a subscription or purchase

This film is here as an example of passionate defense of a landbase, but not a suggestion to go to prison for it

Excellent documentary (based on same name book) for deeply understanding our energy preciament

Netflix series with wonderful humor and messaging touching on many end times themes

Because we just gotta keep laughing

Michael Dowd’s favorite feature film he referenced often

A breath-taking exploration into the magical, mysterious, and medicinal world of fungi we cannot be separated from.

Four fabulous laughter and tear-filled seasons (worth the full ride!) to explore death and what potentially comes after

An excellent journey to learn from an Octopus what the Dalai Lama also teaches: we are all Same-Same.

Beautiful passionate ocean documentary made by a strong young female with a powerful voice


Breaking Down Collapse takes the complex concepts surrounding the ultimate collapse of modern industrial society and simplifies them so they’re easier to learn. The compelling evidence for our inevitable decline is introduced by collapse-aware Kory to his good friend, Kellan, who probably doesn’t realize what he signed up for! Skeptical? Gear up for a paradigm shift!

With equal parts humor and in-depth analysis, Asher, Rob, and Jason safeguard their sanity while probing crazy-making topics like climate change, overshoot, runaway capitalism, and why we’re all deluding ourselves.

The Green Flame is a Deep Green Resistance podcast that brings you revolutionary analysis, practical skills, and artistic expression from the grassroots movement to dismantle global industrial civilization.

Award-winning journalist and author Dahr Jamail hosts in-depth interviews with leaders from around the world to uncover Indigenous ways of reckoning with environmental and societal breakdown. If you’re concerned about climate change, species extinctions, loss of social cohesion, the specter of collapse, and other aspects of the Great Unraveling, then tune in for insight and wisdom gained from lived experience and cultural memory.

In the Deep with Catherine Ingram is a series of intimate conversations with cultural, artistic, and philosophical luminaries to explore matters of the heart in our precarious times. In addition, check out the In the Deep mini-casts, which feature Catherine’s talks from her public events.

Planet: Critical is the podcast for a world in crisis. We face severe climate, energy, economic and political breakdown. Journalist Rachel Donald interviews those confronting the crisis, revealing what’s really going on, and what if anything can be done.

The Progressive Page Turner brings author interviews with compelling answers to the big questions of our time. Marianne Barisonek is a recent Florida transplant. She brings with her many years experience with community radio. “I believe community radio can ask crucial and honest questions that corporate media doesn’t want to ask.”

Radio Ecoshock is a weekly one hour program featuring the latest science, authors and issues – from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace.




COLLAPSEWIKI is a comprehensive collection of collapse resources, not intended to be inclusive of every individual, aspect, or item, nor is it complete. The site is maintained by the moderators of r/Collapse and volunteers in the subreddit community.


 Another End of the World is Possible

John Halstead leads from the perspective that environmental and economic collapse are a given. Follow him to imagine and start to build another way of life in the cracks of collapsing civilization. Find this praise of Michael Dowd piece on John’s site.


Max Wilbert’s passionate and educational writings support a community of people challenging the status quo and loving the planet. Max is currently working to defend Thacker Pass, Nevada from lithium mining. He co-authored the fabulous book Bright Green Lies.

Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker’s mission is to create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos through her webinars, podcasts, live workshops, books, articles, and one-on-one life coaching. Her focus is on deeply adapting and becoming resilient in the face of the unprecedented changes confronting humanity.

Climate and Economy

Daily updates on climate change and the global economy. A quick current look at what’s happening around the world, it was Michael Dowd’s favorite daily newsreel.

The Collapse Chronicle

Bearing witness and documenting the ongoing climate crisis, mass extinctions, and the decline and fall of post-industrial capitalism.

Collapse Club

How are we to live in the time of collapse? Find others here who are asking the same question in a effort to cultivate communal wisdom. 

Dark Optimism

This website is the home of the research, writing, and activism of Shaun Chamberlin, who works with a wide network of friends and partners around the world. Their projects epitomize the Dark Optimism perspective: one which is not afraid of seeking the truth, even when that truth is unpalatable and overwhelming.

Deep Adaptation Forum

Dedicated to embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament, which includes: societal collapse arising from the climate emergency, global economic and environmental crises, species extinction, soil degradation, extreme weather events, forced migration, and historical-systemic-planet-people abuses.

Den of the Feral Mystic

David Baum’s look at the disaster, trying to understand what it means. What does the tragedy of history tell us about humans? About God? About the astonishing and dangerous activity of our fevered minds? Is there a way to make words suffice on the precipice of a screaming descent into silence?


John Michael Greer is a widely read author, blogger, and astrologer whose work focuses on the overlaps between ecology, spirituality, and the future of industrial society. Michael Dowd considered him one of his favorite writers.

Full Frontal Faith

David Weiss is a theologian, writer, poet and hymnist committed to doing public theology around issues of ecology, sexuality, justice, diversity, and peace. He seeks to use his gifts as a writer and poet to bring the strength of his academic training into fruitful conversation with the wider audiences of church and society. 

Ishmael – Daniel Quinn

Home base of Ishmael, the extraordinary gorilla teacher,
and his creator, author Daniel Quinn. It’s a virtual library and place for connection of all things relating to the teacher, the book, and the author.

Jem Bendell’s Blog

Find Jem’s personal writings here, as well as links to a range of areas, including mitigation, psychology, science, activism, social justice, and spirituality.

Just Collapse

An activist platform dedicated to socio-ecological justice in the face of inevitable and irreversible global collapse. Just Collapse advocates for a just collapse and planned collapse to avert the worst outcomes that will follow an otherwise unplanned, reactive collapse.

 Living Resilience

Dean Spillane-Walker’s reflections on the calling of our times to reconnect with the sources of meaning and belonging in human life. The immense costs of our collective disconnection from the web of life have become painfully obvious in every aspect of life on Earth.

Karen Perry, a creature born wild and free, taught that she wasn’t by a dominant omnicidal culture, shares her truth about GIC (Global Industrial Civilization) and its impacts on the biosphere we all depend on for life. She also aims to support others in getting their own oxygen masks on to face our collective predicament, in an attempt to strive towards collapsing well.

As a consultant, senior-level advisor, teacher, speaker, and formal leader, Meg has worked around the globe with all levels, ages, and types of organizations, leaders, and activists. Her work now focuses on developing and supporting leaders globally as Warriors for the Human Spirit.

Metabolizing Collapse

Kavi offers unedited, stream-of-consciousness poetry about ecological collapse and what it means to be alive to witness the 6th mass extinction.

Problems, Predicaments, and Technology

Erik Michaels’ blog is mainly focused on Ecological Overshoot, Abrupt Climate Disruption, and Energy/Resource Decline (generally associated with peak oil and collapse). A myriad of other predicaments closely associated with these three are also examined.

Susan’s Substack

Collapse Club convener Susan Porter’s hub for a blending of her personal writing and artwork exploring how to be emotionally resilient in times of change.

The Great Story

The 14 billion year epic of Cosmos, Earth, Life, and Humanity told in meaningful, inspiring ways. Explore the teachings and collected resources of Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd exploring the Epic of Evolution.

Watching the World Go Bye

Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D. writes about the fall of global industrial civilization and the sad times that lie ahead. The goal is to educate as well as to move people towards positive action within themselves and in the world.