“Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen, to talk about how you’re feeling, and to have the hard conversations. Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” – Brené Brown

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In this time of crisis and catastrophe, our comfort is to be with other people who understand what we’re going through. In a Collapse Club meeting, you will join like-minded people in a safe, structured space to share your experience of collapse and to cultivate communal wisdom. We are interested in you personally, because it is from your personal lived experience that all thinking and action emerge. Please join us!


Wednesday 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST

Thursday 11am PST/7:00pm UTC

Saturday 11am PST/2pm EST

Collapse Acceptance Alliance

Weekly Zoom Discussion Group

Thursday 5pm – 6:30pm PT

An mixed group of collapse accepting “old timers” and those new to collapse awareness*. The focus is an organic exploration of collapse understanding. Typically there are 20 to 30 participants each week, with main room discussion time, one or two smaller breakout sessions, and sometimes a guest speaker. (90 minutes, with 2 hour option) *Note: newbies may want to check out Collapse Club first

Email Collapse Acceptance Alliance to find out more

David Baum of Collapse Club interviews Collapse Acceptance Alliance host Val Christensen and co-host Peter Melton

Resilience & Acceptance in the Face of Collapse

Why Resilience?
9 Week Zoom Course

This FREE 9-week zoom course guides participants through a variety of resources exploring topics that include: the great unraveling, deep adaptation, inner and outer resilience, indigenous wisdom, and collapse acceptance. For more information: Syllabus and Upcoming Course Offerings

“Brilliant design with an inclusive curriculum, knowledgeable tech support, thoughtful group process, rich array of optional homework, diverse resources, shared leadership, supportive training, and online circles for alumnae.” -Karla C.

“A well structured course with experienced facilitators who kept the group focussed. Great jumping off point for understanding collapse, and beneficial for people at the start of their Acceptance journey.” – Renaee C.

Facilitated by author Terry LePage

July 20 – Stories that work

July 27 – Befriending grief and dealing with difficult emotions

August 3 – Deep connection for resilience

Saturdays on Zoom, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

FREE sections of Terry LePage’s book Eye of the Storm: Facing climate and social chaos with calm and courage will be used as starting points for reflections and shares, focused on practical tools for finding calm and being of service in hard times. Format is facilitated circling and discussion including optional breakouts. 

A Year to Live Study Course

This profound and inspiring FREE course is based upon the famous book A Year to Live: How to Live this Year as If It Were Your Last  by Stephen Levine. From the facilitator,

“The fears around the collapse of the industrialized civilization are very much integrated with our fear of our mortality. When we are able to make peace with our own death, preparing for it over the course of a year, our ability to accept the collapse of our civilization comes with so much more ease. We become able to experience present moment awareness, and the joy of life itself in a way that we may never have before.”

Jackie Ziegler is the registrar. Patriciafaye Marshall is the course facilitator and she has led this course many times. Both are long time members of the Collapse Acceptance Alliance community.

A minimum of 8 and with a maximum of 12 people are required to offer the
course. A start date is projected for October.


Email Jackie at revziegler369 at yahoo dot com with “A Year to Live” in the subject line

Connecting people, in all spheres of life, to foster mutual support and collaboration in the process of anticipating, observing, and experiencing societal disruption and biospheric collapse.

Offering intimate circles, thoughtful discussions, creative arts presentations, and more by facilitators and hosts with a wide array of skills and interests. Most events on Zoom.


DA Disaster Survivors Circle


This group is for those who have already experienced a collapse due to climate-related natural disasters. It offers the opportunity to connect with other collapse-aware self-identifying climate refugees and survivors.

Contact: alyxvolzer (at)

If this time doesn’t work, still let the organizers know your interest.

Meets monthly on the third Monday
8:00pm – 9:30pm EST

Profound Resources
Facing Predicament

Embodied Practices
Space Holding Training
Shadow Awareness

How shall we comport
ourselves in these

For more info:
Dean Walker

UUs for Collapse Awareness and Acceptance

UUA Logo Chalice Graphics | UUA Branding Graphics, Colors, and Fonts |  LeaderLab |

A Facebook online discussion group for Unitarian Universalists and those sympathetic with the values of UUism to provide awareness of impending environmental, societal, and civilizational collapse and to discover ways to support each other in the realization that these inevitabilities are possible within the near future. Our aim is to realistically face together such distressing events while also finding peace, love, and meaning in whatever time is left to us both individually and collectively.

Email Jim Catano

Post-doom Bloom with GRAC/E (Getting Real About Collapse/Extinction)

This women’s discussion group, focused on living the Benefits of Collapse Acceptance, is currently closed. However, we do offer a few spots from time to time, and are currently looking for those willing to start a new Bloom bouquet. 

Email Karen Perry to share more about your interest

I have found the Bouquet to be a safe and trusted space for our voices to transcend feeling lost and alone. Meeting weekly since early 2022, I have found recurring peace, groundedness, and a sisterhood that transcends the aloneness. Blooming Together assists me in finding new ways of being in a collapsing world, practically and spiritually. -Janet S.


Grief Ritual for the Equinox
21 September 2024, 10:00 am – 11:30 am AEST
Being part of a regular grief practice is a way to begin to undo the damage of our cultural avoidance of endings…by embracing them. Grieving together can free up old, locked down, energies and lead us back into a loving aliveness for the world. In the spirit of ceremony, with a deep regard for safety, we open to the regenerative and life-giving capacity of grief. (Sessions fee based)
Facilitated by Michael Shaw, Living in the Time of Dying director and therapists Michelle Walter and Heather Albrecht
For more information:


Some “collapsey” girl chat with Sandy Schoelles hosting Post-doom’s Karen Perry

Recorded April 12, 2024

Environmental Coffeehouse

Sandy Schoelles and Jennifer Hynes host Post-doom’s Karen Perry in this lively chat

Recorded June 7, 2024

This event was recorded and can be viewed here: