Found comfort in his words and voice that others believed

By P. Christopher LaRosa , PhD, ret.

As a former PhD research scientist, I learned to study data and actual research sources with a discerning eye. A few years ago I came to the conclusion that we are in the Sixth Massive Extinction event with Homo Sapiens sapiens possibly on the list. At the least billions will suffer and die due to ecological overshoot and sudden climate change. I got in touch with a reverent preacher that believed that what we should be worshiping is Nature which supports us. I found comfort in his words and voice that others believed the brutal truth that I believed. Somehow he had the most positive preaching on how to cope with the impending doom. And I found a new friend late in life. We chatted on the phone and on the internet occasionally. To spread the word I made my own bumper sticker and suggested, bumper stickers could be a money making proposition for the Postdoom group. As others, I was broken-hearted when he left the planet too soon, all too soon. I will miss the comfort of his voice, sound reasoning and research, and best advice on how to move forward.