Michael’s commitment and contribution to the collapse space was absolutely immense.

Having listened to a great deal of his work, I can say first hand that his huge collection of interviews, books, and articles read out loud, as well as his own created videos, are the most valuable resources in this area I know of.  On top of all of this, he was also just a beautiful human being. His efforts to include everyone, his kindness, and his humility were a genuine blessing to those he touched. He was a light in these times and will be sorely missed. – Michael Shaw

Michael Dowd was a huge fan of Michael Shaw’s film Living in the Time of Dying

From the film’s website: “Why is acceptance of overshoot, abrupt climate change, and the inevitability of collapse vital for living meaningfully and vibrantly? How did we get here and what attitudes and actions make sense now? Michael Shaw explores these questions through interviews featuring: Author of ‘Deep Adaptation’, Professor Jem Bendell; Dharma teacher and author of ‘Facing Extinction’, Catherine Ingram; Journalist and author of ‘The End of Ice’, Dhar Jamail; and Elder, teacher, author, and Citizen of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, Stan Rushworth.”